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New Mexico museums are adapting to government regulations - restrictions on the use of their collections in public spaces are mandatory, according to a new report from the National Museum of Natural History.

A series of online and public programs accompanies artists from different cultures and creative possibilities. Strong Unforgiving Spirits features portraits rooted in Tom Jones "Ho-Chunk identity, reflecting his experiences as a member of the US Army, and works of creative possibilities that use feminism in its broadest sense. The exhibition focuses on the history of indigenous peoples in the United States and Mexico and the impact of migration on their forgotten history. Artists from all over the world imagine a world in which migration is vital, but with works created in various media, they ask us to bear witness to the power of art as an expression of the self - of expression and of the human condition. Bebe the Displaced, "which was originally scheduled to open in March, featured works by artists from different cultures and creative possibilities that explored the theme of feminism in the exhibition" Feminism in Society "at the According to a press release, it is the most extensible.

FRAMED "explores the American experience from a domestic perspective through mixed media works and examines questions of self-expression and identity. It aims to broaden and enrich our understanding of motherhood in the current socio-political climate and its impact on women.

Admission to the SITE Santa Fe is limited to its members from October 28 to November 8, and all visitors are required to provide general information for the contact tracking required by the state. The museum is operated with a temporary entry system that allows up to ten people to enter in a 30-minute time block.

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