Santa Fe New Mexico Residence Inn

Santa Fe has been a popular destination for decades due to its vibrant culture, which is influenced by Native American and Latin American influences. The city is home to a world-famous opera company that attracts thousands of curious eyes and ears to its performances every summer. Take a summer hiking trip along the alpine paths, shop at the local art shops, wander through the city's many parks, museums and other cultural attractions, or buy turquoise jewelry and decorative belt buckles at the Governor's Palace.

Here you can see old buildings made of clay, the material that makes up much of the local architecture. Extend your stay with a longer stay at the Santa Fe New Mexico Residence Inn, one of only a handful of gable-roof hotels in the country with adobe paneling.

The Sangre de Cristo, carved from a path that winds through a meadow filled with Indian brush and violet lupines, rises from the square. More than 300 centimetres of snow have fallen on the slopes, forming kilometres of downhill and snowboard slopes.

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An award-winning boutique hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with landscaped gardens, a full-service restaurant and a private pool. The hotel is equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, air conditioning and hot water. There is no traffic or noise and it is one of the most private and private hotels in the San Diego area.

On one side you will find a desk for guests with a computer and printer, and there are plenty of chairs, a fireplace and good lighting. There is a bar and on Mondays and Wednesdays, Residence Inn Mix serves beer, wine and cocktails. The hotel offers a grocery shopping service to help you if you want to go downtown and use the kitchen as soon as you arrive. Take a food tour, go for a walk or have a guided tour of the food tours or go through them yourself.

It can also help you get a feel for the city's rich cultural heritage and is exhibited in the early Pueblo Revival Museum in the style of Santa Fe Plaza. The hotel has a quiet outdoor pool with jacuzzi, located in the centre of the complex and surrounded by guest accommodation on all sides.

Best suited for families, the Penthouse Suite has a separate sitting area with curtain divider, which has Murphy beds. Ask for the second floor, which faces north-east with good mountain views. The rooms in the Marriott Extended Residences are ideal for family travel. They can accommodate a minimum of four people and have ample space for a well-equipped kitchen, bathroom and living room. A well-equipped gym has clean, modern equipment, including a fitness bar, gym, gym and fitness room.

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